The Word

  • Posted : 10/12/2009
  • Name: Steve Entwistle
  • Subject: Where has the Scan Christmas advent calendar gone?


" Can I lodge my sadness at the loss of your annual exhibition, ridicule & humiliation of your staff, via the seasonally oriented web imagery and captioning. With little else to occupy my thoughts at this time of year; it was with great anticipation that I would feverishly await the daily update to revel at carefully crafted & whimsical comments amidst some rather questionable poses. Alas this is no more and I shall be left to forever seek amusement elsewhere during the holiday period. Thanks for all you previous efforts to raise my spirits and merry Christmas to one and all. "

Scan's Action

" Hi Steve,

Thank you for your feedback!

Please rest assured that our festive exhibitions have not been regulated to the recycle bins of Christmas’s past. You will be thrilled to know that we are currently working on a brand new (suitably humiliating) idea for Christmas 2009 which should be going live very soon!

In the meantime we wish you and all our customers a very happy Christmas and New Year.

The Scan Team. "