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  • Posted : 30/11/2009
  • Name: Steve Hindley
  • Subject: Why do Scan not use Chip & Pin?


" Today I purchased a couple of products instore and had trouble paying by debit card. I can't believe that a company like yours does not have Chip & Pin machines instore. I can only presume you process all card payments online to save money on processing fees. Your current system for paying by card instore is inefficient and a very long winded way of processing payments. Using a chip and pin machine would speed up the order process, so you won't have large queues as you always seem to have. "

Scan's Action

" Hi Steve,

Thank you for your feedback, and for making a very valid point.

Here is the problem….

We have tried to use Chip and Pin on a number of occasions, and whilst the chip and pin system is great for processing, it has the drawback of not linking the payment to your individual account. When you use a chip and pin system, each payment that we take from you would have to be manually entered onto your personal account. This would not be feasible based on the number of orders we process on a daily basis.

If you think of other areas where the chip and machines are used, e.g Petrol stations, Supermarkets etc… none of these use personalised receipts and the payments do not get allocated to “personal” accounts as we use at Scan.

Why do we use personal accounts?

1) We need to have individual accounts to honour the warranty we offer on parts.

2) Our goal was to have payments allocated directly to personal accounts and protect the user against fraudsters. There is a fine balance between risk and process used to minimise risk. Unfortunately another by-product of fraud.

We hope this helps shed some light on this matter.

The Scan Team "