The Word

  • Posted : 05/01/2010
  • Name: Jake Revill
  • Subject: Live Basket


" Hello, I would just like to say that your website is very good, clear, good search and filter tools and a big range of products at good prices. However, there is one thing missing i think it needs: some sort of quote or wish list tool that can remember products that you like the look of. Ebuyer has this feature, but I continue to shop at scan due to the high quality service and fast deliveries.

When building a computer several components are required,you can add them to the basket but when I close my browser the contents of the basket are forgotten, it would just be nice if you had some sort of quoting or listing system that saved a list of products on your log in account. "

Scan's Action

" Hi Jake,

Thank you for taking the time out to send us your thoughts and feedback on our website.

This is a very good suggestion, and we can confirm a " live basket " feature is already in the development process. We hope to launch this to the site in 4 weeks.

Best Regards

The Scan Team "