The Word

  • Posted : 13/02/2010
  • Name: Mr John Allen
  • Subject: Website Functionality Suggestion


" Quick observation for you.

Earlier in the week, I was selecting several items from the "Today Only" page.

I gave up and finalised the order prematurely as I became frustrated with the way the ordering system bounces you around the web pages.

Let me explain; you select and item, press Buy and you are taken to the purchase Basket.

On approval, you are returned to the "Home" page rather than the page you were looking at; in this case "Today Only".

Imaging going into Tesco at Middlebrook for a tins of beans and a tin of peas.

As you place the can of beans into your basket --- woooosh - you are suddenly at the entrance to the store and have to march back to the canned veggie aisle.

Get the peas and --- wooosh - back to the front entrance again.

That bread rack looks a long way off, so just checkout with what you have got already.

If nothing else, I hope this email amuses you. :-)

Q-Collect and PayPal has made life so much easier.

Have a good weekend.

John E Allen "

Scan's Action

" Hi there John,

Thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback... we can't tell you enough how much it's appreciated!

Your analogy was amusing and put a smile on our faces :o)

When you order from "non offer" pages, the process will not take you to the checkout by default, and will return you back to the original page you were on. This option is provided by a pop-up which gives you the choice to 'continue shopping', 'remove item' or 'checkout now'.

At the moment you don't get these choices when ordering from the offers pages, and are directed straight to the basket. Should you then select "continue shopping" from the basket, you are returned to the previous page you were browsing before you visisted the offer page. In your particular instance our homepage.

We can clearly see the point you are making with offer pages, such as Today Only, and will look into this issue and have it resolved in the next update. This is a minor tweak to the system, and is really simple to fix.

Thanks for taking the time to let of know of your frustration.

The Scan Team "