The Word

  • Posted : 12/05/2010
  • Name: Colin Guthrie
  • Subject: Does the name on the payment card have to match the name on the account?


" Just wanted to say that I've just signed up for an account and wanted to purchase some items for my work. In order to do this it is best if we use the work credit card as that is easier to account for (for claiming back VAT etc). Sadly I could not use the credit card as "it did not match the name of your account". I appreciate the need for fraud prevention, but if I cannot use a company credit card, it is very awkward to order components etc from you. Most other online retailers I've used in the past do not have this problem.

Anyway, I changed my account name, used the credit card, made my order and then changed the name back. I hope the order still goes through OK (I passed the Verified by Visa stage so fingers crossed!).

Also FWIW, it was not obvious where I was supposed to enter the credit card details on the checkout process - I guess we're all accustomed to seeing the normal fields in the general flow of a checkout process and the fact I had to enter the CC details via a fork in the checkout process was a little confusing. It would be interesting to see an ABA split test result on this to see what percentage of your customers are as dumb as me :p

Just thought I'd let you know :) "

Scan's Action

" Hi Colin,

Thank You for taking the time to submit your query via The Word. I have reviewed this issue and investigated the points you have raised. Due to strict fraud prevention checks which are currently in place, the card name and account name must match. It so happens that we've had a few customers experiencing this issue when placing orders using a company card, but so long as you change the name to fit the account name the orders should process through with no issues. We do have a dedicated payments team who will be able to check and resolve any descrepancies should they arise.

A copy of your email has also been sent through to our website development team. We'll add your suggestions to our "to do and improve" list and see if there is a way to make things clearer for you in the future.

Thank you again for your time.

The Scan Team "