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02/07/2020 " 2nd July 2020
Scan Computers
I ordered a replacement WD hard drive online after my backup drive failed. The service was absolutely excellent and I received it the next day. Unfortunately, for the first time in my experience, the drive would not respond to initialisation, partitioning or formatting.

I contacted Scan’s technical advice section with details and, despite their great workload, within a very short time I was able to return it for checking. One day after they received it I received confirmation that a fault had been found and that I would receive a replacement the very next day. This happened very swiftly, efficiently and within a few minutes of the centre of DPD’s promised time slot. 10 minutes after receiving it the drive was installed, formatted and I had downloaded a hundred Gigabytes of valuable data to it!

I have to say that I have dealt with many companies in my time but I have not, until now, received such rapid, supportive, and professional assistance which at least three of the team at Scan Computers supplied. It was very pleasing indeed to have been treated so well by a company that clearly works very hard at their public relations image. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone needing any computer supplies.
Thanks for all your efforts on my behalf. Ron " More Info
29/06/2020 " I've used Scan occasionally over the years, mostly for small parts and such, and recently, I bought my second 3XS system from Scan, my first one being over a decade ago. Never had any problems then, and have not had any problems with my most recent system. It runs like a dream. The PC came much sooner than I had anticipated, as I was expecting delays due to Covid19 and I was very pleasantly surprised with the efficient and speedy service of Scan.

Scan Customer Support was great and very helpful when I wanted some part changes/upgrades, and kept me in the loop regarding my system.

I simply can't fault their service. My 3XS computer works like a dream, and I couldn't be anymore happy with the service I got.

Would certainly recommend Scan's 3XS service and I look forward to continuing my custom with them. The team has been great. " More Info
11/06/2020 " Took just over 24 hours from order to installation. Worked without fault. Very happy with the service provided. Startling contrast to another supplier I have just used ! " More Info
11/06/2020 " So I have been using scan now for about 7 years since I started getting in building my PCs for gaming and now for uni/work. During this time I've always received my parts on time, well packaged and never with any issues, but what prompted this review was an order for a prebuilt 3XS laptop.

I pre ordered the laptop with an unknown ETA, given the current COVID situation I expected a fair wait, to my surprise within a couple of days I received an email with an expected delivery from their supplier, somewhat expectedly this was missed but I got another email with another date that was also missed. The next email I got was to inform me that due to the unexpected lead time that my order had been upgraded for free with a new expected time and expected delivery time. Again to my surprise, the laptop is being delivered sooner.

For me, that is really what sets this company from others, where they could have done nothing and blamed the unprecedented times, without me chasing the order they were completely transparent with what was happening and took steps to get my order to me quickly.

Further to this, build tracking not only gives plenty of information but also has pictures of the build including screenshots to show the additional parts have been installed and everything is working. " More Info
17/12/2019 " Dear Scan
I wish to raise your awareness of the amazing Alex in your technical support team.Not only is his patience endless when dealing with issues with the equipment we purchased for the construction of my sons PC, but his knowledge regarding troubleshooting is incredible.It is not the first time we have had to call for support and we were lucky enough to speak to him on both occasions.He took the time to go through the issues on both occasions with my 13 year old son.His phone manor and ability to give direction and instill confidence over the phone are truly a gift and a credit to your company.
Please relay our gratitude to him and pass on our comments to his manager-this employee is truly worth his weight in gold or at the very least I hope in line for a raise or Christmas bonus!
We would definitely highly recommend your services for anyone's future computer construction based on the fabulous Alex who lucky for us works in the tech team support on the weekdays we phoned for advice on our build!

Many thanks to you and the team at Scan-
a very happy now successful computer builder-Charlie&non techno super proud mum! " More Info
12/12/2019 " I'm delighted with the customer experience I've had with Scan. They are so helpful. They may not always be the cheapest, but provide outstanding customer support, this is more than worth paying a couple of extra pounds for. All the staff are very technically switched on and have helped me to select all the right products ( saving me money in the long term ). This is how a business should be run. " More Info
30/09/2019 " Bought a high end i9 DAW system desktop from scan after many many emails back and forth with Peter Gardner who was exceptionally quick to respond and had huge depth of knowledge. The computer arrived after a couple of weeks as I believe their building department were very busy in the run up to Black Friday (could be something to look at). The computer arrived with the OS installed on the larger of the two disks I ordered which is not what I had ordered (maybe something to do with the web ordering system) Anyway I had to re-install windows on the smaller disk. Peter was amazing at guiding me through all the steps and was very helpful. I now have the system up and running and it is great. I have to say Scan have very helpful customer support. Very impressed by how quickly Peter replied to emails. He is someone Scan should hold onto. Having real expert like that is very important for a company selling these systems. Either way I would not hesitate to recommend scan. Problems will always occur when computers are concerned, but Scan's post sales customer service means I will definitely buy from them again. " More Info
25/09/2019 " I purchased a Kingston A400 / 240GB SSD to replace a smaller SSD (120GB), already fitted in my Dell Latitude E6230. I didn't want to do a fresh install so asked "what's the best way to copy my SSD to another". They advised me to use the Easeus "TODO back-up, freely downloadable and free to use for home. He went on to explain how it worked provided I had an external USB dock for the dew drive. The instructions were simple to follow and have now been carried out giving me the additional space I needed.
Thanks. " More Info
16/09/2019 " I think someone stayed late for me.

Ordered on Friday morning, a 3xs bundle. I was told one part was out of stock.

I rang on the afternoon and spoke to Adam who said they had managed to get a cpu from Retail. They wanted to have a full working day for testing. I built pcs before, omentg, and said I would rather have my new gear Saturday morning.

They still did some testing however, they were as good as their word. Saturday morning 4 mins into the hour slot, my gear arrived.

An hour or two later, I was playing games on it.

Thank you Scan :)

I will be a repeat customer for my next items (new gfx card is next for one) " More Info
09/09/2019 " I purchased a PC about 4 months ago from Scan. Because they were so busy the PC arrived substantially later than originally promised and for that reason i have held off on this review until now so that i can make a review based on prolonged satisfaction of the product rather than initial frustrations.

I purchased a custom build for approx £1650 great British pounds. It took around 3 weeks to arrive rather than the the initial week mentioned due to a busy period nearing the end of the tax year. Despite being longer than originally stated this is not an unrealistic time to wait for a custom build.

The product was packaged very well, with wrapping packed inside the case to ensure no items were moved and dislodged during shipping. Instructions were clear and documentation was vast which really gave a sense that the PC had a human touch IE - a person was assigned the job and it was his/her baby for the 3-4 days the build took. The company sent pictures of the products being used, updated the status of the build frequently and were quick to email any free gaming/product codes from the individually purchased components before the PC was even collected. The PC came with multiple additional items such as a mouse mat (Good quality corsair which i actually did end up using) and a cup (surprisingly i use that too....)

The build is clean; all parts accounted for with windows and graphics drivers being fully up to date at the time of collection and correct profiles selected in bios. This PC also came with a backup/reset USB drive neatly located inside the case should the worst happen. The PC is lightening fast, with minimum bloatware and to this day astoundingly quiet. Due to its clean build and fair usage/non bespoke properties it will make for easy upgrading later down the line. Buying from a smaller company like Scan rather than Alienware or HP for example ensures a more tailor made build experience rather than the mass produced feel you can often get with pre-builts.

I tested the PC with standard issue software stress tests and with relatively basic cooling; the CPU and GPU performed flawlessly and stable with very comfortable heat peaks; this was reflected in the stress testing log that came with the PC, which was also a nice touch.

I would recommend a custom build from Scan. " More Info
02/02/2019 " hi scan i was very pleased with the service i got from your staff members who i spoke to on the phone. you sent me a email confirming it would arrive on 27th December
which was very quick. it actually arrived on the 24th which was amazing and the packaging was in perfect order. so was very happy and when i have saved up some more money. i will be buying a new keyboard and gaming mouse + a new monitor.
i am very happy knowing that i only have to pick up the phone and speak to someone who will be able to sort out any problem i might have " More Info
29/01/2019 " Honestly at first I was very cautious of whom I purchased my computer parts off - I hadn’t really bought anything online before & the stuff I needed was critical as this was for my PC that I was building from the ground up. So you can imagine the supervision I was using to analyse every product I came across.

After some searching I discovered a brilliant bundle on Scan. Needless to say it was exactly what I was looking for. Ryzen 2700X, Motherboard, RAM & Cooler AIO. To say the least I was eager to get it ordered, although I was excited I prepared myself for the worst as I have seen friends and others who have had real issues with ordering components & the delivery being horrible. Regardless of this I was hopeful.

But in every way I couldn’t fault it, express delivery was exactly that. Delivery with DPD was perfect, tracked the parcel every step of the way & the driver was a straight forward cheerful chap which I thought was brilliant.

Out of the box looked immaculate. I even did the dreaded waiting for the rest of my components without checking if it was DOA. Risky, I know.

But all in all, it was that good that in the first instance I now check Scan first for the stuff I need before even glancing at Amazon. Let’s hope they keep up the good work!

Highly recommend. Only critique I possibly have would be maybe this was a one off, stay cautious. " More Info
08/12/2018 " Ordered a 3xs system for Black Friday, with i7 8700k and RTX2070, that came a bit late but given the busy period of time it's understandable, plus every single deadline specified in the emails I got from Scan was respected.
The system is awesome. Guy who did the cable management is a pro and I'm a wireman by profession so I know what I'm saying. Every tie-wrap is perfectly placed.
Guy who did the packing did a fantastic job. Box was double wrapped in bubble wrap on the outside and fully wrapped on the inside as well, making any accidents close to impossible. Box was really big, too, further eliminating any possible bump during shipping.
Everything came in the box, except for the bundle of games I'm supposed to receive by e-mail. Still waiting on that but it's a non-issue.
My only 'issue' so to speak would be the poor choice in motherboard. A B360 paired with a K processor is pretty sub-optimal, so I would have put a Z board instead and lower the SSD from 500GB to 250GB to make up for price difference.
Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase and I will come again and recommend you.
One suggestion, during the busy times of the year you could use a bit more transparency on your website/facebook page about your delays. " More Info
07/12/2018 " Been doing some business with Scan for a couple of months and very happy - then something didn't work - what did they do? Replaced it with no quibble, just 2 days between my sending it back and them replacing it. Now my Blackmagic system works perfectly and my future custom with Scan is assured. Excellent job. " More Info
25/09/2018 " My self build system went down this week, it suddenly stopped booting. It would try and run for a few seconds, then shut down, then try again and so on. As all components had been bought from Scan (although several months ago), I ventured to their warehouse with my assembled Motherboard, CPU and memory.
I have been buying from Scan for over 20 years, and never had any problems with their service.

The returns engineer, (sorry did not ask his name) listened to my comments and suggested I disassemble the components and he would test them one at a time. The memory & CPU proved to be faultless, but the Motherboard would not boot using their test rig.

Without hesitation, he checked when I had bought it, and wrote out a slip for a free exchange. This was soon done, and I asked him if he could update the BIOS to the latest version. This was also done very quickly. The whole process took less than 30 minutes, and as I live just a 20 minute drive away, I was back home just over an hour later.
The system was reinstalled in its case and booted first time.
Now that is what I call service. Than you Scan ***** " More Info
12/09/2018 " I've always built my own PCs but sadly this became more of an issue for myself as I am a full time carer for my father. Realistically any build I do would be a rushed job so I went to Scan. The professionalism and quality of the end product is without question. Clean, pretty and the cable management is beyond reproach. The packaging was top quality and I don't think I could have damaged the system in shipping if I tried myself. The updates, with photos, of my build was very reassuring as it progressed.

A special thank you to Joshua C who handled the customer contact, a brilliant employee who always responded to any question I asked without issue, even when I was clearly being a worry! (I spent £2000 so yeah we get concerned!) He was brilliant. A big thank you to all at Scan for the service, you've earned yourself a permanent customer. " More Info
20/07/2018 " I ordered a 3XS Vengeance and needed it urgently, these guys did not let me down, kept me informed all the way thru the process of how far things had gotten, including photos. The machine arrived on the right day first thing in the morning, after opening the box I was amazed at all the stuff that came with it, all the testing information, lots of spare cables and screws and things, manuals and even a mouse mat and coffee mug. It was like Christmas, now I am using the 3XS I have to say I am "blown away" with the power of this thing, going from 3FPS and lowest graphics possible for raiding to this monster piece of excellence at maximum graphics and standing at 120FPS during full raid fighting, raiding bliss is all I can say... oh and HUGE big thank you all at Scan. " More Info
04/07/2018 " Our system unfortunately stopped working, so we emailed for help (not being a cheap system, we were a little panicked!)
We didn't hear much for a couple of days, however as soon as we did hear back, they were very quick and efficient at sending us packaging to return the system and arranging the collection of it the following day.
No questions asked, they took it back and have kept us up to date throughout the whole process (which has been very quick also!) and I soon had an email requesting payment for the packaging which they had already advised would be chargeable.
I made the call, paid the bill and within 30 minutes, not only has it been through QC, but it's been despatched back to us!!!

I'm so happy with the service we have received and the gentleman I spoke to over the phone (for payment).
I can't fault a thing! I'm just so grateful for their help and willingness!

Honestly can't recommend these guys enough! " More Info
27/04/2018 " Excellent service and speedy delivery, really pleased with my Antec NE550M PSU, would recommend Scan to everybody " More Info
14/04/2018 " I recently gave into the urge and after much deliberation I upgraded my PC opting, as usual, to buy my new hardware from Scan. The upgrade consisted of an Intel X299 ATX motherboard, Intel Core-X 7820 CPU, 16GB DDR4 2600 RAM and a Samsung 1TB M2 SSD.

After installing and powering up the new system it was immediately obvious there was a fault, as the machine would unexpectedly drop out of Win 10 to a black screen and then perform a restart.

As you would expect, I swapped out all the components one by one with known-to-be-working components and convinced myself it was the motherboard. The Scan Tech Support team asked me to bring the items back and after testing they advised the CPU was faulty and duly replaced the faulty item.

But the problem persisted, so the next visit back to Scan resulted in the motherboard being replaced, but, would you believe it, the problem still persisted. By now I had no confidence in any of this new gear working and was rapidly losing heart. The professionalism of Scan prevailed in what was becoming a very traumatic time for me and, to show how much they value their customers they agreed to change all the items for new. I am now typing this feedback on the upgraded PC and just wanted to convey to you all, that despite everything that transpired in this catalogue of events, Scan have shone through and have gone up again in my appreciation.

I don't know about any of you, but with a business ethic like this I don't see how any of us could afford to go elsewhere for our PC hardware. Well done Scan! " More Info
27/02/2018 " I bought the Pro Gaming > Overclocked Bundle > i5 bundle with an Intel i5 Coffee Lake 8600K overclocked to 4.8GHZ, Corsair Hydro H80i, Asus ROG STRIX Z370-E GAMING motherboard, and 16GB (2x8GB) Corsair Vengeance LED 3000MHz.

And all I can say is that these guys are my upgrade heroes!

The combo works smoothly beyond expectations. I am enjoying a vastly improved gaming experience. My previous build was with an AMD A-8 with 8GB of RAM, and for me personally that lasted me a very long time. But this upgrade was due, and was totally worth it!

Packaging and delivery was great too, no probs there. Bundle was assembled with all product packaging to the side in one delivery box. The bundle was assembled and packaged with plenty of cushion -- that should reassure anyone with delivery concerns.

Apparently overclocking is simple enough, but why experiment when you only upgrade once every several years, just hand it to people who do it daily.

Thanks!!! " More Info
23/02/2018 " Would just like to give my feedback on this excellent, professional company. My computer, purchased from scan 2 years ago developed a problem and failed to work. I rang to explain the problem I had and was told not to worry as I was covered by Scan's 3 year warranty. Once I filled out some details, Scan arranged collection and next day my PC was collected. From then on I was kept up to date on a day by day basis as to the progress of my repair until about 6 days later I was informed that my PC had been repaired and that I would receive it back the next day. So, 1 week from my initial phone call to my system fully repaired and delivered back to me. Brilliant service from start to finish. I did have to cover carriage costs by given the service I received I think that's entirely fair. " More Info
19/02/2018 " The whole process was simple, from finding the item I wanted to purchase and choosing a method to pay. I admittedly made a slight error myself, maybe due to ordering near midnight by choosing a delivery slot several days away rather than next day.
Called up to inquire if anything could be done and didn't expect much help but the chap said no problem before I even finished trying to explain myself and kindly changed everything for me so I could get my order as next day. Can't thank him enough or praise his customer care. A lot of places just don't care once an order is placed, even if what you want is the same price as what you're hoping to change!
Really impressed with Scan and will recommend them to everyone. " More Info
14/02/2018 " I am 74 years old and have been a customer of Scan since its inception. In that time I have always found them to be a great store with good customer service but they have now passed that.
I ordered two of the latest Gigabit Homeplug 2-Port Passthrough Powerline Twin Pack from TP LINK and the next day realised that the TPLINK Gigabit Powerline twin pack with wireless 11ac existed.
I telephoned Scan with the intention of finding out if the two packs were definitely compatible and if so could they cancel one of the two and replace it with one of the wireless packs.
I spoke to Thomas and he spent the time to refer my question to one of the Scan buyers who confirmed they were compatible. Thomas then cancel one of the originally ordered packs and replaced it with the wireless pack.
Sounds simple, yes, and that was how it was dealt with by Thomas who stands out as one of the best salesman I have ever dealt with. He called me Sir, his tone never changed from being very polite and at no time did I feel anything but being considered special and some-one that was very important to the company.
I have, over the years, dealt with many big name High Street stores who started out treating customers as if they mattered and then slipped into a habit of treating the customers as if they were a pain to be endured. I am glad to say that Scan have fought against that and have always treated me as a customer who deserved respect. Thomas, however, exceeded that and as a result I asked to speak to his supervisor and told him what had happened and asked him to pass my thanks officially to Thomas.
I will continue being a customer of Scan and will happily carry on recommending them to our computer friends " More Info
14/09/2017 " Around 2 weeks ago I visited Scan and had a mooch around, decided to pursue my build with the reception staff, queued up and started up a conversation with Tom Gregory. I explained I was going for a monster build, presented my draft specification which raised an eyebrow...went through my list and Tom suggested minor tweeks, methodically went through the system builder (which is a nightmare - if your taste runs to the exotic like mine) - Tom finalised the spec and printed off an Invoice and away I went with the start of Project Overkill stateing on the way out that I would ring on Monday to order....

Monday came I rang, it was too busy but left details for Tom to call me back, during his already demanding counter role Tom tweeked my invoices so I could pay over 2 credit cards (for insurance really) ...Payments taken for the beast of builds, then two shipments expected, one or two hic-cups later all the bits have arrived....

I cannot thank Tom enough for his assistance and also the customer service people who dealt with hic-cups in a timely and expedited fashion.

So from consult to receipt a pleasure to deal with Scan.

I hope Scan bosses realise what fantastic employees I have engaged with and that they are rewarded in some way...

My little build comprises of -

NZXT H440 Special Edition Mid Tower Computer Chassis, Side Window, ATX/mATX/mITX, LED Underglow, Black w/ Green Trim

ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme, AMD X399, S TR4, DDR4, SATA3, U.2, Triple M.2, 4-Way SLi/CrossFire, 10GbE/ad WiFi, USB3.1, EATX

EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 HYBRID GAMING w/ iCX 11GB GDDR5X VR Ready Graphics Card, 3584 Core, 1556MHz, 1670MHz Boost
AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper 1950X, S TR4, 16 Core, 32 Thread, 3.4GHz, 4.0GHz Turbo, 40MB, 64 Lane, 180W, CPU, Retail

NZXT Kraken X62, 280mm All-In-One CPU Hydro Cooler with RGB Lighting, CAM Control, 2x140mm PWM Fan, Intel/AMD, TR4
64GB (4x16GB) Corsair DDR4 Vengeance RGB, PC4-24000 (3000), Non-ECC Unbuffered, CAS 15-17-17-35, RGB LED, XMP 2.0, 1.35V
850W EVGA SuperNOVA T2, Full Modular, 80 PLUS Titanium, SLI/CrossFire, Single Rail, 70.8A, 140mm Fan, ATX PSU

4TB WD WD4004FZWX WD Black 3.5" Performance HDD, SATA III - 6Gb/s, 7200rpm, 128MB Cache, OEM ?
2 x 500GB Samsung 960 Evo, V-NAND, M.2 NVMe PCIe Gen 3.0 x4, 3200MB/s Read, 1800MB/s Write, 330K/330K IOPS
3 x 140mm Corsair ML Series ML140 Pro LED Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan, Translucent, White LEDs
NZXT HUE+ Advanced PC Illumination RGB LED Controller inc. 4x LED Strips, NZXT CAM Software Control, 2.5" Form Factor
Build? starts tomorrow evening.........well all at Scan
Mr X " More Info
11/09/2017 " I recently ordered a brand new set of components based around AMD's Threadripper. This was Saturday afternoon and they turned up before 4pm Sunday. I think that's fantastic service - I'm not sure I'd even be able to walk into a high street store and be able to get them that quickly! The DPD parcel tracking application is also very handy, I could exactly see where on the list my deliver was. Very happy indeed. " More Info
24/12/2016 " Today was possibly the worst day in a PC gamers life, my EVGA 1080 FTW decided now is the best possible time to express his Christmas delight by bursting into flames.

A quick call to Scan was followed by an Christmas dash to the store in the hope of salvaging what little of my festive joy. I was met by a man who in hindsight, can only be described as Scan's very own Santa Claus.

He explained how I might need to wait 2 weeks just to receive my money back to purchase a new GPU. I'd not only miss the Steam sales but I'd have nothing to game on until well into the New year, Christmas was cancelled.

No doubt sensing my heart breaking he asked if he could take my GPU into the back (where the elves are surely) to be inspected and soon enough he returned saying I could have an exchange.


A Christmas miracle if there ever was one and not only an exchange ... but for a different brand too (I had no intention of installing another Christmas cracker in my rig).

So a big thank you to Santa (and the elves out back), absolutely astounding service from Scan yet again, a heart warming story that will be told to the children during Christmas at my house for years to come.

Paul " More Info
23/12/2016 " Hey, I just wanted to say that I bought a custom PC from you guys 2 years ago and to this day I've not had a single problem with it. Never at any point has it's hardware failed, over heated, system crash, slowed down in anyway, absolutely nothing. I don't know what you guys are doing in your build rooms but it's magic and you can tell people build with the end user's satisfaction in mind. I never leave stuff like this on any website or give compliments to any companies but I'm genuinely quick shocked and impressed. Well done! " More Info
29/09/2016 " Thank for your prompt and efficient service on our computer, we spoke to Josh on line but being past our sell by date couldn't grasp what was needed so we called in at the shop, we expected to leave said computer to be looked at but the engineer (did not get his name) came to look at it and soon had it booting up - he also saved the configuration and showed me where & how to find it, also saying any problem just ring up and they will point us in the right direction. All sorted in less than 20 minutes are we happy certainly we are - we have dealt with Scan for over 20 years and will continue to do so, many thanks once again " More Info
25/09/2016 " I bought a pretty pricey Gsync 144hz 1440p monitor which didn't wake from sleep, so sent it for RMA. Scan (who I've used for years) promptly accepted the RMA without question. They tested it within 4 days of me sending (they arranged and paid for collection and redelivery), and told me no fault could be found. I was a little hesitant but took it back and tested it a bit more thoroughly on my rig. Sure enough, there was a "deep sleep" function on the osd and once I'd disabled that, the monitor worked as expected. It was total user error, yet they never made me feel stupid, and in fact told me if the issue persisted they would take it back without question, but it is working perfectly. They were the cheapest around for the monitor which is a quality product, they use dpd which, certainly in my area are the best guys around for delivery, consistently arriving at the beginning of the 1 hour window. Scans support and customer services is efficient, human and understanding. I can't recommend them enough. Very happy customer of 10 years, keep it up, Scan, much appreciated! " More Info
04/07/2016 " Dear sir or madam
I am writing to u just to say how great your staff are i came down on Monday from Liverpool to pick up a gpu 1070 gtx gigabyte and i spoke to 2 lads one at the vive vr display area and another lad at the till both lads gave excellent customer service and took there time helping me out they were very helpful and do your company credit and when i was collecting my item the lady at collections was very pleasant to talk to and was very well manned i also thought the nissan nvidia gtr car outside looked great i took a couple of pictures of the car hope you dont mind i am a car enthusiast and a sim racer all in all i had a great experience coming to your suppliers and i look forward in coming up again in the near future
Yours gratefully
Wayne francis " More Info
24/06/2016 " I have never experienced the level of service before that I have received from San computers.
I opted for specking my own parts for the build and letting Scan with their 3XS system philosophy build it for me. From the Initial contact with Lee Holden and numerous emails later we had got the ideal build for me sorted.
The build was by Adam T and what a job this technician has done, the machine virtually purrs. The packaging is excellent keeping the computer safe in transit and when it arrived it was a very simple job to get it up and running, due to the fact that every thing from Bios update to XMP profiles set etc etc had been done for me.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Scan to any purchaser and I know who I will be getting to build my computers for me in the future, it will be Scan & only Scan computers. " More Info
14/04/2016 " Having built my own PC's since about 15 - I was reluctant to hand over the build to someone else.

However, having got to the point where I just want to get a machine and press the power button - I ended up at 20 minutes on the phone to one of their excellent sales representative (ask for Carl!) answered all the questions I had - and I placed an order online that evening.

The whole order process and every point of contact was one of the best I've seen from a retailer (and I own an online retail company!). The order tracking process was second to none, even providing photographs of the build in progress. A Scan representative also got in touch during the build to answer any question and update me on progress.

Very rarely am I impressed with online retailers in an age where it's so easy for anyone to do - but at they do it right - and to top if off - offer fantastic, competitive pricing.

I haven't even mentioned their excellent (open case!) warranty, Google certification, hugely positive reviews etc. etc. - the list goes on.

In short - fantastic order process, tracking and customer service - not to mention great pricing and build / delivery times.

------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Carl - Telephone sales " More Info
11/04/2016 " I have to say that I have been completely blown away with what Scan offer value for money wise, especially when coupled with their TOP NOTCH customer service, incredibly speedy delivery and easy site navigation. I ordered a 3XS system and it was set up in my lounge LESS than 24 hours later!!! The PC was the BEST spec I could find for the BEST price! I am over the moon and have a excellent 3 years of peace of mind due to their market leading warranty too!!! Thank you Scan. " More Info
08/04/2016 " We ordered 9 PC's (3 specs.) and 23 screens that we required within 2 weeks for our Mobile Historic Grand Prix.
Our consultants recommended Scan. I spoke with Lee who quickly developed the build list and started the process. Despite me giving him a hard time, Lee pulled out all the stops and made my delivery deadline. Any problems with the build were communicated with potential solutions that helped speed things up. The status updates were excellent, giving me peace of mind that things were progressing and the PC's were being properly tested. First 2 units set up and working great. Great job Lee and the Scan team. Will be ordering another PC next week..
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Lee Horan " More Info
07/04/2016 " I suffered a number of technical problems with a recently ordered Graphics Card, which unfortunately meant that I needed to return the card back to Scan for a replacement.

I was worried that the returns process would be slow and wrong could I be.

I telephoned the returns line and was more than pleasantly surprised; the call was answered promptly, the agent (Sam Carr) who answered my call took ownership of the issue and quickly got all of the necessary paperwork in place which allowed me to return the card to Scan for a replacement.

Throughout the process, Sam kept me up-to-date and was a pleasure to deal with - 11/10!

Thanks Sam and Scan - fantastic customer service!



------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Sam Carr " More Info
06/04/2016 " Excellent all round shopping experience. The customer service scan supplies is second to none. I have dealt with all the big names over the years, numerous online PC stores. Most of which have been above average standard but none compare to scans level of customer assistance and care.
I have had numerous reasons to contact customer service, mainly to change my order on the fly and every time I have been given nothing but the best service and support with a level of knowledge you don't often get. Particularly Matt, who was always on the ball with his call backs.
You receive constant updates about the status of your order and if I had any criticism it would be so minor, maybe a larger stock of more specialised water cooling fittings. But I must add this is really me just looking for something to mark down, there stock availability is pretty much as good as anywhere else and any limitations is mainly due to supplier availability and not the fault of scan. I did mention this minor complaint to one member of staff and was informed they are looking to increase stock choice and availability so I personally will be watching this closely myself and for sure I would shop here again. In fact I fully intend to when it comes to buying my monitor!
Top marks, anyone looking for a stress free experience and with the assurance of excellent customer support and assistance look no further then scan.
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
I've spoken on a few occasions to Matt. " More Info
06/04/2016 " I would like to thank Bernard for his perseverance and also update him on the outcome. The good news is that the MSI laptop is covered by warranty until 24/2/17. Thanks for all your help in reaching this happy conclusion. Maybe MSI should be more upfront with their warranties to save you and the customer time.
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Bernard in Technical Department " More Info
06/02/2016 " Fantastic service from Scan, I purchased a graphics card, CPU, Mobo & RAM on my birthday. Not only were they good prices but they were in stock and then was amazed at the speed & the way it was delivered. I didn't have to contact service support & the items were all installed without any problems. I'm now an (entry level) 4K gamer (casual) & it feels good thanks to Scan. Top stuff from a top company; will purchase again!
Thanks! " More Info
06/02/2016 " I turned up at the store at 5:29 on a Friday after tearing across the country from an appointment in Grimsby and en Route to Blackpool, through horrendous traffic and on a journey that would eventually total more than 5 hours. You can imagine that I was going to be pretty frustrated if Scan was closed when I arrived. Although clearly the start of a weekend and with everyone eager to leave, I was allowed in to place an order. Tom showed the patience of a saint and stayed behind to make sure I had everything I needed. If he had turned up at my office at that time on a Friday, I doubt I would have shown such understanding (probably why I'm not in retail). Unfortunately the case I wanted was in another warehouse but I'm told it will be moved today (following day) and I'm heading back to collect soon.

It's easy to score passing trade, especially with competitive prices, but service and understanding of this magnitude are the difference between a single purchase and a committed repeat customer. With word of mouth being the powerful advertising tool it is, I expect Scan to pick up one or two more customers following this experience.
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Tom Gregory " More Info
23/12/2015 " Long time customer here. Always had a good service buying from SCAN and never ran into any problems. Recently I had to return an item for the first time and having never returned anything before, I was really anxious about it. You guys made it easy and guided me through the whole process, even if I kept phoning up to ask seemingly silly questions such as how to package it, but each person I talked to was really helpful and didn't complain.

When it got back to you guys, I was pleasantly surprised to see the replacement ready to be dispatched on the same day and with next day delivery for free! Wow!! So I now have my replacement which is working just fine just in time for Christmas. So that was a great gift for me! Haha. :) Thank you guys and keep up the great work! " More Info
22/12/2015 " Ordered a 3XS X99 Fallout 980 Ti.
Great service all around, thanks to the team!

Build schedule was initially delayed two days because of high demand, but hey, it's this time of the year, shortly before the holidays, so no big deal.
I was very well informed all through the process, the real time tracking was a real nice service and added to the confidence as a customer.
Delivery extremely quick - build complete and despatched Friday afternoon and delivered on Saturday morning around 10am. Thank you (and the carrier...)!

Build quality is excellent, nothing more to say about that.

I had to take the extreme OC down a notch as the system was really unstable - too many bluescreens to count and every one with a different error message which led me quickly to the right suspect, but I know this can really depend on the components working together. Since then the system is running really smoothly and absolutely without any issues. Great job!

I can definitely recommend your service and would buy again.
There are not too many services like you out there where the high promises from the website are actually delivered.

Thank you!

Uwe. " More Info
28/09/2015 " Good Day!

I would just like to say massive thank you for amazing customer service and
cannot express how happy I am with my laptop.

I am really glad I opted for a custom built laptop, the build quality for the price is outstanding.

I received various emails from the build team keeping me up to date when I would be receiving the laptop, I don't think i've ever had that from a company. Once the laptop was built, it was shipped really fast to my home up in Scotland. Well within 24 hours of it being built and to my home. Might I add very well packaged too!

I installed my copy of windows 10, everything worked perfect straight out the box, including the wifi working without the drivers being installed?!

The quality of the laptop casing/chassis far exceeded my expectations. the casing/screen/keyboard is on par with MSI/ASUS builds in terms of quality

The system is rapid t too. As I am typing this I have a bunch of adobe programs and webpages open and its just flying through all the pages.

I've always recommended scan to my friends for their pc needs, but next time someone asks me about laptops, I will certainly be telling them buy a
3XS build.

Thank you and keep up the great service!

Best Regards

Lewis Bell " More Info
25/09/2015 " Hello,i have got to say the most awesome massive thanks to Scan,i have been helped to RMA my rampage 4 b/e,i had no paperwork as it all got lost when my flatmate died,i did not even know where it was bought from,but after the help from Gareth Fitzpatrick and a guy called johnny gave me was 2nd to Non,they bent round corners to help me,and help me they did,Scan need to be proud of you both,from contacting to being told i was going to get a replacement i have been told of every move and contacted at every move,Top work,Top company,Top help many many thanks " More Info
21/09/2015 " Some background - my current DAW is running on a pretty old-spec standard desktop machine and I’ve been researching an upgrade for some time. For an old fella like me approaching retirement and on a limited budget, I know that this is probably the last DAW I’ll ever be buying, so I wanted a system that will enable me to keep making and recording music for the foreseeable future. I have limited technical knowledge, so the prospect of investing what for me is a large amount of cash on a new system was quite a stressful one. Am I buying a DAW that would do everything I needed it to? How do I pick my way through all the various specifications of machines. Would it run my chosen software successfully etc etc

I’d never heard of Scan computers, but stumbled on the site via a basic Google search. I looked at all the systems devoted to audio recording and was impressed by the System Overview provided and by the extensive warranty on offer – 1 year on-site and a further 2 years of ‘return to base - parts and labour’, which seemed to me to be a very good deal. However, a lot of the technical info still went over my head, so it was hard to decide which would be the most suitable system for my needs. So I sent an email to their systems support email address with a list of specific questions and received a detailed response from Pete Gardner, giving me clear advice on everything from internet connectivity to the different CPU options available.

So I started asking more questions and I have to say, I was really impressed with how Pete Gardner was prepared to step up and engage with me on a personal level. I gave him detailed information on my current DAW, on the recording software I use, on the type of music I make, how many audio tracks I’d typically use, what kind of plug-ins and soft-synths I use etc etc. Over the course of a further seven or eight emails, I learned a lot from him – I never understood what over-clocking was all about for instance – and at no point during our correspondence did I ever get the feeling that he was going through the motions, or trying to sell me upgrades that I probably wouldn’t need for the level of recording I do. On the contrary, he was very patient with me and understanding of my requirements, which gave me a huge amount of confidence that I was doing the right thing.

Pete also gave me loads of useful information about audio converters. I've been using the Edirol UA-25 which is a neat little unit, but a bit slow. Latency was right on the limits and one of the inputs had failed. Pete reviewed a few different options for me including the Zoom UAC-2, pointing out its super-low latency, USB3 connectivity along with a recent big reduction in its price. Despite having some misgivings about Zoom kit, born out of past experience of their guitar processors, I felt confident in following his guidance.

I took delivery of the system last week - Scan pulled out the stops on delivery for which I'm thankful. I'm still in the process of testing its capabilities, but I tried inserting 10 soft synth tracks and 30 audio tracks in my newly installed sequencer and it handled it easily. It's so quiet that I wasn't even sure it was running, which is very useful in my small and cramped home work space! The Zoom gives me excellent sound, microscopic latency and a software mixer interface which will also come in handy. So far, I'm very impressed and I don't expect any dramas – with Scan's warranty I can pretty much relax and get back to making music.

Finally, I'd just like to say that it's been so nice to make an online purchase and run across someone who clearly loves what he does and displays real empathy with his prospective customer's needs and requirements. If it wasn't for his personal approach and his understanding of what I needed, I doubt I'd have had the confidence to make this investment. Pete Gardner is quite simply, very good at his job - thanks for all your help, Pete!
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Peter Gardner " More Info
21/09/2015 " Hello Scan,

I understand the majority of emails you must read will be concerns questions or complaints from customers but this one is different.

I would just like to take the time to commend the service you provide at Scan. It's fast and reliable. Products have arrived pronto. I've never shopped at a site with such credibility before. Thank-you for supplying me with the products I needed for my new PC in an amazingly timely manner. Outstanding and well done.

I will continue to use the site for all my computing needs. I don't mind paying that little bit extra for some things when the service is top notch. Feels like I know exactly where everything is all the time from when the order is received, even down to when my items are picked from your warehouse... Now that's fantastic.

Thanks again and keep on doing what you're doing with this online store. It's truly great and you deserve to be thanked for it.

Rhys Gardiner

P.S. As I'm writing this my PC case has just arrived 4 days before it was supposed to (wow! It's the Phanteks Ethoo Pro order by the way), especially when I ordered it through your Amazon store (only ordered it there because I saw it was yourselves and I was on Amazon at the time). " More Info
21/09/2015 " I've been looking to build a PC for years but I was put off by the potential hassle and the amount of options available. After properly looking into it I found Scan and gave them my budget and roughly what I was looking to build. Lee recommended a slightly different build that was tuned more towards what I would be using the machine for and even after picking up my extras I was well under my budget for a high end PC!

The service I received was excellent and I will be using Scan again! Lee definitely went out his way to sort me out and even talked me through the whole process! This was something I wasn't getting elsewhere which, being fairly new to building such a thing, was what really sold me in the end!

Top lad, top rig: PENG
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Lee Pen " More Info
13/09/2015 " I'd just like to leave a quick word of thanks for going above and beyond the call of duty to get my order to me this weekend. I ordered while out of stock, hoping more would be available for delivery on Thursday. When the deadline passed, I replied to one of the frequent and helpful email updates about my order to request a Saturday delivery. Dawn replied confirming she had kindly made the change. Later that day, stock arrived, my order was picked and despatched within 10 minutes, and I received my motherboard early on Saturday afternoon.

My first Scan order was in 2010, so while I'm not your oldest customer, I'm not exactly a newbie. I'd like to thank you for reminding me why I always come back here, even after half a decade! " More Info
15/08/2015 " Order was delayed a few times due to a manufacturer issue that I can't blame SCAN for (Though I do wish they hadn't listed it as in stock if it in fact, wasn't), but even with this complication SCAN was super helpful when it came to price-matching components that had come down in price in the mean time and their responses were very prompt.

I did end up removing the delayed items from my order and had SCAN dispatch it. My order was dispatched the same day at 19:30 and arrived the next day at 09:30. Very nice.

All in all, despite the headaches, I would highly recommend shopping at SCAN.
Excellent customer service, very prompt delivery and a great selection of components,
you can't really ask for more. " More Info
15/08/2015 " I have requested a custom build based on the 3XS Z170 Vengeance and have asked for custom components to be installed instead. Asus Strix GTX980, EVGA Supernova G2 650w gold PSU & MSI Z170A Gaming Krait motherboard.

I have received my system yesterday and was mesmerized with the build quality and effort put into it.

The packaging, the extensive bubble wrap in and out of the case to facilitate transport, cable management, attention to detail and the amazing overclock settings within the BIOS (4.4ghz i7 6700K) all top notch quality.

The support team was providing me with updates and peace of mind and ensuring my build would be dispatched to me asap with the maximum attention to detail and quality on my build.

Very happy with Scan's amazing skills in putting this build together and a very well done to all the professionals in this company. " More Info
13/08/2015 " Ordered a bunch of parts for a upgrade on my Pc, i got something wrong which would of effected my parts coming as they would not of all worked without this. I spoke with a member of the customer service team and another one of his colleagues whom he can hopefully pass my appreciation to. They got my mistake corrected straight away and I paid for it within 2 minutes through the phone, the phone call lasted minutes with no company policy information which would of dragged the phonecall, they just got to the point and made it all happen in front of them. I got told this would not of effected my delivery and now my items are on the way :D! Cheers John and other Colleague
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
John Customer Service " More Info
03/08/2015 " I just received my new 3XS system and it has totally exceeded my expectations. I wanted a quiet PC for audio work, but also to be able to play the odd game and experiment with Visualization. I ended up choosing the 3XS SA-X6 POWER DAW system, with a few personal tweaks. I have to thank Lee for his patience during the ordering phase as I did change the specs quite a few times, but Lee was very amiable and answered my emails and calls promptly. On unpacking on the Friday everything was fine (amazing packaging) bit I did discover some spare screws were missing which were required to facilitate the installation of extra drives to the sleds. I contacted Rob from support who had them shipped overnight and I got them Saturday morning - how's that for great service? The PC itself runs anything I can throw at it without even breaking a sweat. I will certainly be recommending 3XS/Scan to any of my friends and family should they need a new PC or accessories in future!
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Lee P. (Sales)
Rob W. (Support) " More Info
25/07/2015 " Hi, You guys are the best !!!
I was on my custom built 3XS pc and all of a sudden everything fused, I was in a panic, so, I phoned scan technical support and told them of the problem, but not a problem for the Scan guys, it seemed that my PSU had blown.
He told me that they will send one to me on that day ( Thursday at around 3pm ) and it will be with me the next day, and to my great delight it was at my door at 2:30pm the next day, plugged it in and my 3XS Z77 Vengeance oc pc was up and running again....within 24 hours.
I really do have to take my hat off the the team at Scan, from the ordering of my pc ( a year ago now ) and to the prompt way they handled my situation to date was utterly flawless and an absolute pleasure, which, I have not experience with other companies that I have dealt with, literately the complete opposite.
If anyone is wanting there dream machine or looking to purchase other goods, then look no further than Scan, they are a great company to deal with and the build quality of there PC's are second to none.

Thank you Scan, Josh and the rest of the team, I'm most appreciated.

Kind Regards

------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Josh " More Info
15/06/2015 " scan is always simple to use.
i have never had an issues from item info and pricing, to purchase which has many accepted payment methods, to delivery which is always quick and easy.
all of this is why i keep using scan for my products, the emails telling me the stages of my items from payment to dispatch are fantastic and i can not fault anything with any process in the multiple times i have used scan

thank you " More Info
09/06/2015 " Dear Scan,

I received my G35i computer plus peripherals. Only one gripe. The monitor didn't arrive until 4 days later as it was missed from the main delivery. Scan are a very decent company to deal with and I was in contact with them over numerous matters which they were only too willing to deal with. Scan's delivery couriers, DPD, were on time and the driver was human, he actually spoke to me about delivery and wished me luck.

The computer itself was packaged very carefully and the amount of protection was way over the top.... which is EXACTLY what you need when receiving delicate items.

After unboxing, I inspected the desktop. The amount of room in my pc for airflow was superb, all wires were either hidden or were bundled in such a way as to not clutter up any space. It looked bare, which is good news if one is looking to upgrade hardware. Clean, tidy and attractive looking mb.

When I switched on the pc, boot time was fast. Minimum amount of fuss with installs.

Having used the pc for four days now, I can highly recommend this machine. Super fast, super quiet and the graphics when gaming are beautiful.

Should you wish to publish what I have written, I would have no objection.

Thank you Scan, I have been looking to upgrade for a long time and I wish I'd known about your company sooner!


Paul Halsall.

PS. Please note my email address is different from the one I was dealing with you with prior to delivery.
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Sanjay " More Info
04/06/2015 " I recently bought a card and had to return it due to issues with the factory over clocking. The guys at scan were super helpful and arrange a full credit which enabled me to choose a new card. No hassle even thought I didn't have the original packaging. 10/10 will defo use again. " More Info
04/04/2015 " Thanks for dropping it off with the neighbour. " More Info
04/04/2015 " I have used your company for a few years now and have always been very happy with the service.

Your personnel have always been friendly, polite, helpful and knowledgeable.

With regard to my latest purchase I was concerned about one item following a very bad review on the item within your site. I am pleased to say that Lee Penning ton was very good at resolving my concerns that resulted in me keeping the item on my list.

Another item was not in stock and the date of delivery seemed to go further away every time I looked.
I did contact you and Adam Barnett replied. Because of the changing dates I did telephone on several occasions and I believe it was Adam that I spoke to. On each occasion Adam was very friendly and went out of his way to check what was going on so as to keep me up to date. He also ensured that I was one of the first to have the item once it was in stock and organised a quick delivery after that

I always do a trawl of suppliers when looking for computer parts and whilst I have come across some individual items cheaper than your prices, when buying several items (i.e. building a new computer) you have always been cheaper or cheap, especially when including postage (that includes Amazon). On the occasions you are not the cheapest, the price difference is so small it is worth buying from you, knowing all the items are coming from one source.

One suggestion I would like to make with regard to Motherboards / RAM / CPU / CPU fans / PC cases could you link / suggest compatible items or, at least flag up any item that is not compatible when putting them into a basket. It would then be up to the purchaser to decide if they were buying those items to put together or were going into different set-ups
On this occasion I bought a Motherboard and wanted RAM for it. From your site I had no idea what was compatible. I specifically wanted EEC RAM. which you did not appear to sell. I bought it from Mr Memory as they asked for the make of the motherboard and identified for you all the EEC and Non EEC RAM that was suitable. Whilst they did not identify the maker of the RAM throughout the purchasing process it was clearly visible on the packaging of the RAM. When I inputted the part number into your Search Box you did sell it and at fair bit cheaper. This did not worry me particularly as I was reassured that the RAM I had in my hand was compatible. Looking for suitable CPU could also be included. I know this is possible, as there are web site suppliers that will tell you when two or more items are not compatible and often will identify what is.

Once again many thanks for the service and the support I felt I received from your staff " More Info
26/02/2015 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
I would like to extend a very sincere thank you to the team at Scan. Not only are a large number of items on sale the cheapest around but the service truly is the best i`ve had for any mail order company anywhere for anything!!!! It is truly brilliant, THIS is what all mail order/online shopping should be like. I am a professional dance music producer and demand a great deal from my equipment and wish to spend as little as possible. I`ve recently taken to custom building my computers from the ground up choosing every last component. Scan has made this process incredibly easy, efficient and fast. By teaming up with DPD arguably the best courier out there too, it`s a winning combination that puts other sellers to shame. What ever hardware needs the future throws at me, if scan stocks it i`ll be buying it here. Thanks SCAN team YOU ROCK :)
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
16/02/2015 " Thank you to the customer services guys this morning (Everyone I harrassed!) - I screwed up ordering some seagate drives over the weekend and was in a bit of a panic to get some Western Digital drives instead before the order was picked. For a Monday morning, managed to get this sorted by 10am which is not bad going at all when everyone badly needs coffee.. Sales department managed to escalate this and get it done really quickly.

Thanks so much for your help in getting it sorted! Really appreciate it :) " More Info
19/11/2014 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
I don't tend to give too much feedback because I don't like to complain. However, this is the best service I think I have ever received from any company. I needed to buy a laptop from the UK and get it sent to Germany. I went to many supposedly big online suppliers who either:-
Wouldn't deliver to Germany
Wouldn't accept PayPal
Would accept PayPal but not from outside the UK
Wanted to charge 40 pounds for delivery
Wanted extras to 'pre-test' the equipment
Had a complicated contact procedure, some claiming a response within 5-7 working days - waste of time

Then, I remembered that I had used you guys for audio computing in the past and thought I would give you a try.
You had instant chat on a Sunday (its a miracle), the process was super easy, cheap and conducted in a friendly, human and professional manner and I couldn't be more pleased.
In fact I ordered something from Germany at the same time which hasn't arrived yet, whereas your package has.
There aren't many companies that exceed expectations but I am glad there is one.
Well done Scan, all my future dealings will go through you and I am sure, the friends and family that I sing your praises to will as well.
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
I don't recall whom I spoke to (sunday live chat) but I think it was Lee, maybe?! " More Info
19/11/2014 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
Just want to compliment you on your outstanding service, order placed and received in under 18 hours! Would highly recommend and use again.
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
09/09/2014 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
Hi guys

I just wanted to say that thanks for some great service. I ordered a PC case from yourselves, (00E2318193) and then a couple days later saw another case that I would have preferred. I rang up and spoke to a member of your sales team, (sorry I didn’t catch her name), and she advised that as my original order had already been loaded onto the lorry it was too late to cancel it. However I could order another case, and when DPD tried to deliver my original order I could simply refuse the delivery and it would be sent back to yourselves, you would then email me asking me what to do, and I could say please issue a refund and you would issue a refund minus the delivery cost. So I went ahead and ordered the second case (00E2319981).

The original case was ordered on a pre 12noon delivery for Saturday. The item arrived just after 12noon on Saturday and I refused delivery and it went back to yourselves. A few days later I received an email from Liz Nicholas asking me what I would like to do. I explained that I would like a refund as I’d ordered another case from yourselves. However I also asked if I could have a refund on the delivery as I paid and asked for a pre 12noon delivery but it didn’t arrive till after 12. Got an answer soon after saying that my order had been sent to your refunds dept for a full refund. No arguing!!

I’ve received an email today saying that the RMA process has been completed and a refund issued.

I just wanted to say that the whole process has been so painless and simple from my point of view, (sure that’s not the case for you guys) that I find it unbelievable other companies do not follow your model. I’m in the process of buying the components to upgrade to the new X99 chipset, (should be receiving my new MOBO from yourselves today on order number 00E2325117) and you’ve now got a totally loyal customer. I need to still buy the memory and the new CPU, (all in time as it’ll cost a bit as I will be ordering the i7-5960X) but I will be ordering these from Scan. I probably couldn’t get them cheaper anywhere else anyway, as Scan seem to be so well priced, but the simple fact is your customer service is fantastic. It’s easy for a company to sell you something. What really tests a companies Customer Service is what happens after the purchase, whether the product is faulty or you simply wish to cancel the order. I’ve used Scan a lot, (more than my wife would wish), and I finally thought I should take the time to write some feed back as you’ve never let me down.

Thanks for the great service and I hope it continues for a long time :-)

------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Liz Nicholas (Query 1346428) " More Info
09/09/2014 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
To all you great guys and girls at SCAN the Seagate 1TB SSHD I ordered on mon has arrived this morning in A1 condition (as always) the desktop that I am typing and sending this compliment is constructed solely of parts sourced from your good selves as is the gaming desktop I built for my son in law as are the fives desktops that have either been repaired or modified // upgraded and in all of that time which must be a few years I have never once had any cause to complain either about any of the components or the service I have received no totally the opposite applies to SCAN and all their staff when at times I have needed help or advice the staff at SCAN have been only too please to other tech help and buying advice for which I have and always will be truly in their debt as I know so little about pc,s I can assemble them its the software I have the most trouble with but no matter what my problems have been SCAN have always gone that extra mile and to me that is and should be the mantra for all business but sadly it is not the case in todays society as a 69 yrs. and I can sit and reflect on how much society and people have change we have always had and will always have those that grab grab and think very little of giving back even if its just a word of advice or help or encouragement but this ethos seems to be alive and doing very thank you at SCAN COMPUTER HARDWARE MAY I TAKE THIS OPOTUNITY TO THANK ALL AT SCAN AND MAY I ALSO WISH YOU ALL THE VERY SUCCESS NOT ONLY AT WORK BUT ALSO IN YOUR PRIVET LIVES THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP AND ADVICE I shall return as I have more components to purchase again many thanks to you all yours most sincerely Victor AP
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
14/08/2014 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
Just wanted to say that I'm very impressed with the service.
I've never quite experienced such detailed and nicely presented progress emails, and particularly the accurate (to the minute!) parcel delivery information,
For context, I bought 2 ergonomic keyboards from your ebay store and the whole thing has been amazing. Less than two full days after my order they're installed and being used, and all of the time I knew exactly what was happening to my order. Really good stuff folks!
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
14/08/2014 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
So impressed with the speed and efficiency with which my order was dealt with that I felt that I really had to write in and congratulate you guys! Yesterday morning placed an order for a Seasonic power supply, and within a few hours the payment had been processed and the part dispatched. Opened my inbox this morning to see if there were any updates on my order's tracking and found out that my psu was due to arrive within a 1 hour window later this morning. That's an incredibly tight time slot, I thought, but 3 minutes into the alloted period and the delivery truck rolls up, and there I am, signing for my parcel. The psu has now been installed, it works a treat, and I can't imagine a better shopping experience. Well done. Shall definitely use Scan again
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
19/06/2014 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
payment via amazon payment and general site usage... I would just like to say that I found the amazon payment option a good idea it was clear precise and easy to navigate, I was most impressed with the layout very easy to understand and many futher options for delivery specifics, also contact details where easy to locate including a telephone number. rare nowadays with the majority preferring to be faceless.... well done Scan
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
19/06/2014 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
I ordered from Scan a GChic monitor for my SurfacePro2. The monitor was recommended to me by Microsoft technical support as compatible with my tablet. Unfortunately, it was not available in Ireland where I live, or at Amazon.UK which I often use. Delivery from the US (Amazon or not Amazon), where this monitor seems to be popular, was not possible. After some research I ordered it from a UK company, which promised a prompt delivery. I was out of luck there, the company first lied to me about the item being on its way, then went into liquidation. I am in the process of getting my money back from PayPal. I needed my GChic, so I gambled again on a UK delivery and Scan was the one that had the monitor in stock. I cannot praise it higher. After a very professional chat on-line, I placed my order, got the ETD, could follow the progress on-line, including DPD tracking, location after location. The monitor arrived exactly as scheduled, beautifully wrapped to protect the screen. I even got the approx. hour of delivery (9.30-11.30, delivered at 10.15!). It was the best on-line shopping experience I ever had. I will certainly use Scan again.
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
05/06/2014 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
I have to say as soon as I started talking to Mark about my technical problem, he immediately gauged exactly my level of knowledge about PC components, and responded in a way that wouldn't patronise me. I really appreciated that. It says that he doesn't just 'hear' people, but actually listens.

As I described my problem with my graphics card, the more information he got, the more ideas he came out with regarding what might be the cause of the problem, and possible solutions I could try before sending the thing back (beta drivers, a videoBIOS flash - which I hadn't considered). This is also fantastic, as it could save me a returns procedure.

As it turned out, the suggestions didn't fix what was wrong with it (not his fault! they were good suggestions), and I called Mark back. Within a couple of minutes the whole RMA procedure was complete, and I had collection time, and a return day.

Mark was polite, friendly and courteous throughout, and it was really refreshing to get to speak to someone in tech support who is as engaged and proactive as him. please hang on to him - he's extremely valuable to your customers, and to you.

All the best,

Aidan Sansom
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Mark Rollason, Technical Support " More Info
31/05/2014 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
I popped in yesterday to pick up a new projector (cheapest place of anywhere i could find!) and the friendliness of everyone was refreshing, everyone seemed very happy and that translated in to their attitudes. Well done Scan, fantastic customer service!!!!!
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
29/04/2014 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
Hi, my 3XS OC15 bundle purchased from Scan earlier this year has been rock solid from the moment I installed it in my rig. I really appreciated the update reports during the build and compliment Scan on the meticulous approach to deliver such a stable product.
Many Thanks!
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Aaron Tonge
3XS Overclocked Bundles " More Info
28/04/2014 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
I just wanted to write in to Thank Gemma Kinsella for everything she has done to help me get a G-sync module fitted in my Asus Monitor. From keeping me up to date regularly over the course of over 6 weeks via phone and email,to ensuring a G-sync module is reserved for me when stock arrived. Even after a 5 week wait from the supplier for new hardwarde she did not forget about me. She was even prepared to stay till after closing hours to allow me to drop my monitor off as I could not make it in time. She even came down herself to receive and carry my monitor and pass it on to the engineers to do their magic on it. That is fantastic customer service and I am truly grateful for all her hard work. Considering I only purchased something inexpensive I can only applaud her for her dedication. Thanks a Million Gemma! Would recommend Anyone to use SCAN and in particular Gemma on this occasion time and time again! Brilliant!
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Gemma Kinsella " More Info
21/10/2013 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
Recently placed an order and because of the lack of postcodes in my area I was/am unable to use the online tracking, the email updates are quick and sufficient but I just wanted to track it even more.

I emailed customer service to see if there was any default key I could place instead of the postcode such as "NA" etc, this is when i got my reply from Dawn who proceeded to put a placeholder postcode on my address and advised me to use that stating quite clearly in her email that it might not work but was worth trying.

It might sound silly but this made all the difference in the world to me, it meant that the mail was clearly read and understood and instead of simply brushing it off and saying "no, sorry" she was willing to try find me a solution.

Now sadly it didn't work but as i said the email updates are nice and prompt! I wanted to thank Dawn again and make sure sge was recognised.
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Dawn " More Info
13/10/2013 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
Dear Sir / Madam

I recently bought some computer bits from which were delivered by DPD. I just wanted to say a big thankyou to both companies, and to say you're both providing an excellent service. I had so many updates about where my order was up to, and I had options to change things via text at various stages of the order (never had so many options like this before!). Delivery was fast, and it wasn't a rip off for Saturday delivery which meant I didn't have nightmare of trying to make sure someone was in to receive it. Prices were very fair at Scan too.

Keep up the good work folks
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
12/07/2013 " If you are looking to buy a PC, look no further than Scan Computers. As a person with intermediate experience of computers, I was looking for a gaming PC, to a budget I had in mind. The problem I face like so many other people is knowing what parts to buy - what is current, what is future proof, what is over spec'd. Scan took me through all this and more. I thought I'd try and pick the parts that reviewers and guides suggested, but when putting all this together, I was building something only NASA would require. By simply talking to these guys, the told me what they would have personally, what they deemed necessary, and what and most importantly I didn't need. The result was a monster gaming PC for under a thousand pound.

To compliment their services even more, I recently had an issue with the PC (it can happen and no blame apportioned to Scan). When I phoned, the technical help wasn't as most are - belittling - it was straight talking advice that made sense and they guided me through with ease. This unfortunately didn't solve the problem. So what next? They immediately arranged for it to be picked up. Fixed it within 24 hours of receipt, and phoned to arrange shipping as soon as they'd tested it, ready for shipping back.

Not only would I recommend Scan to domestic customers, but also to commercial. I installed many a HP and Dell computer, and when a problem arises with them, it's a fight to get hold of them, a fight to confirm the responsibility of the issue, and a fight to get it fixed. Scan do not give you any of these issues. They do the job right from start till finish, and I cannot thank them enough. " More Info
11/07/2013 " I would just like to say a big thanks,the service,the goods and packing are without doubt the best. Guys and gals, THANKS. " More Info
26/03/2013 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
I’ve been using Scan for a couple of years on the advice of a respected computer engineer.

I’m very glad that he gave me this advice. I don’t go anywhere else, now.

All of Scan’s personnel are worthy of commendation. I never feel hurried or – as a non-tech – am never made to feel stupid. This is important as serious decisions are being made by the customers and not all users of computers – professional or amateur – have the time/opportunity to master the vital stuff under the bonnet. So trust in one’s supplier is very important. Scan has repaid my trust many times for which I am very grateful.

For example, I once had to return a faulty item. There was no fuss or funny mood from the gentleman at the desk: it was dealt with in a pleasant, courteous way. That’s professionalism… and usually the area in which customers can be made to feel unwelcome and, therefore, choose not come back.

On the basis of two recent visits (25th and 26th March, 2013 – invoices ******, ******, *****, *****), I should like to pay particular compliments to two individual members of Scan.

MARK from technical support
I rang tech support a couple of times on the 25th before setting off for Scan. I wasn’t sure about a technical matter that would be the decider of whether or not to make my purchases.
Mark was very patient and, in an unhurried way explained matters in language that a lay person could easily understand. I hadn’t promised to buy anything… but he didn’t push; instead he gave the advice fully, efficiently and in a friendly manner. That’s professionalism!
When I rang a second time, it was because I was really confused about something else. Mark un-confused me swiftly!… and ensured, before ending the call, that I really had understood his advice. Professionalism again… and greatly appreciated!

HITZ on the sales desk
Hitz could not have been more helpful and friendly, giving good clear advice.
I placed an order to buy a particular monitor and then changed my mind for another one. Unfortunately, Hitz had already processed the first order. However, he didn’t mind one bit, and cheerfully and efficiently dealt with cancelling and re-invoicing. I wasn’t made to feel a nuisance… and that’s professionalism!
After coming back on the 26th to buy a second monitor, I added a pair of headphones to the order. Hitz immediately asked what they were for. I explained and, instead of the ones I had chosen, he recommended ones that were, in his professional opinion, better suited for the task. They were actually about £20 cheaper. Now, that really is professionalism!… and is guaranteed to bring the customer back in the future for other purchases.

Over my two years’ experience of switching to Scan, the company has indubitably proved that it isn’t just another box-shifter where the sale is more important than the customers’ needs. And, because of this, I wouldn’t spend my money on computer stuff anywhere else and frequently recommend Scan to others.

Thanks to all for great service!
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
26/03/2013 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
order 000******. Once again many thanks to Scan team for excellent support and helpfulness, it has always been a pleasure dealing with Scan for their very professional support and advice, I have dealt with Dell, Microsoft, Apple, Intel…. And have yet to find any as helpful as the scan team (many thanks to Jason) and because of this they are always my first port of call… along with excellent prices. Again many thanks Kevin Murray
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
17/10/2012 " Hello Scan, Tried to leave a review, but trust pilot will only accept if you log in with facebook, which then allows it to see your basic details. Not for me sorry. I had already typed the review so here it is; Have been using Scan for around 7 years, during which time I have also tried the competition. I used to spend a lot of time shopping around and a full system build would quite often involve parts from 3 or 4 different vendors. However, due to Scan's customer service and support, I have stopped using other suppliers and now I will only shop from Scan. Don't even bother price checking anymore.
I learned this the hard way, after buying a very expensive IPS 27" monitor from one of Scan's closest competitors - with a dead pixel in the centre of the screen. Zero help from the manufacturer or retailer. I should have returned it under the distance trading act but their support was so slow in answering that I went over the time allowed.
Best Regards Dan " More Info
01/10/2012 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
I ordered a £700 bundle from the website, and unfortunately a couple of part were not in stock. I understand that this does happen, but was disappointed at the time. To keep me from waiting they replaced one of my parts with a "better" part for no extra cost. Even though it may have only been a minor part, this changed my initial view expodentially because the staff/company willing to take the hit in price for Customer service credentials.

I would definatly recommend them, and thankyou to both Aaron for keeping me informed, and David for making the change so quickly.
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Aaron and David " More Info
08/09/2012 " Just wanted to say "Thank You" for your sterling service for order invoice # E*******

My bank had decided to block the payment due to suspected fraud, and your customer service were excellent in helping me resolve the issue.

Also, thankyou thankyou thankyou for not using Citilink any more, but instead using DPD. I genuinely cannot express how much better their service is, from a customer point of view.

I've had two things delivered this week, one from DPD (this package) and one from Citilink.

Texted me themselves the day before to say that they were going to deliver on the following day, and gave me a chance to change my delivery day
Texted me the HOUR that the driver would arrive
Actually arrived during the above time frame.

Made no attempt to contact me before arriving, relying on a tracking number provided by the client website
Could only tell me what day they'd deliver
Didn't arrive until 4pm that day, after which I'd given up waiting for them and gone out
Didn't leave a card, or any means of tracking them

End result : My scan order arrived perfectly, and is buzzing away on my desk as we speak. My other order is lost in the system somewhere. Thank you for having the sense to move to a decent courier. (I still fondly remember the time that a Scan delivery didn't turn up and the courier response was "nobody at the address to take receipt". The address? BBC Television Centre. Guess who the courier was on that occasion?)
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
08/09/2012 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
17/08/2012 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
The customer service at scan is amazing, i ordered a 3XS overclocked bundle and the remaining parts to build a new pc. The graphics card and PSU i had chosen were out of stock, and i couldnt wait because i am going on holiday, so rather than make me wait to come in, Scan have upgraded the parts for me for free so i can have it delivered before i go away. The guy at customer support was incredibly helpful, and David, who was keeping me updated on my order by email was just as great. Will be using scan for all my computing needs.
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
David, dealt with my queries and kept me up to date on my order via email. " More Info
17/08/2012 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
Having worked in retail myself for 20 years I know that complaints are more frequently penned than compliments. The man who served me was knowledgeable, courteous, efficient and helped me sort my motherboard problem very quickly. I have always found the service at the store to be excellent but I feel that this man went above and beyond what I could reasonably expect from him and that's why I have written this brief email. My system is now working beautifully thanks to him.
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
I am afraid that I don't know the name of the person who served me on Wednesday 15/8/12 however he was working on 'Returns' around 4:30pm " More Info
28/05/2012 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
------------------------------------- keep you in the loop every step of the way with regular updates on where your order, payment, dispatch and delivery, and gives a window of one hour in which it's expected to arrive. Brilliant. I will use their service even if I find the product I am after cheaper elsewhere (though I haven't had that situation yet) because this is the kind of customer service I will pay for. I just can't understand why other companies can't do what Scan do. Keep it up guys, many thanks.
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
25/05/2012 " "Dear Scan, I have been very impressed with the service I have received from your company.

It's so very rare these days for a company to actually live up to their advertising and deliver the kind of service that most suppliers can only dream of. I have now purchased just under two thousand pounds worth of kit from you and not only have you proved to be less expensive than the competition you have done so without compromising on service. Everything
I ordered arrived the next day, well packed and ready to go. A hardware fail was swiftly dealt with under your excellent RMA service (really faultless) and even, when I managed to wipe the overclocking settings on a pre-over clocked bundle your support people have responded really quickly and delivered a solution almost immediately.

From every angle that you care to look at (price, delivery and customer service) Scan are flawless and I will be recommending you whenever I get an opportunity"

Paul Hyatt " More Info
05/03/2012 " Hi,

Would just like to compliment Scan on a few things. First of all, I love how the website is extremely easy to navigate with everything being categorised, making finding things a breeze. The order process is swift and painless, with regular email updates to alert me of any changes in my order. The delivery is top notch, well worth the money to receive my items the next day. The packaging is always secure and I am safe knowing that my items are well protected. Shelley is fantastic and takes time to answer any queries I have and try and sort them ASAP.

Top products, top bloke, top business

Scan Employee Ref... Shailendra Raja " More Info
04/03/2012 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
I've used Scan a lot now and I can safely say it will take an extremely good company to beat them in my eyes. In my dealings with them I have bought, asked questions and requested refunds. All of which have been a pleasure.

Buying is great, the selection is ace and the prices are good. When delivered I am always kept in the know every single step of the way by emails and even text messages. I can relax with Scan as they even tell me the time when my parcel's coming so I don't waste my day waiting for it.

Questions are aswered clearly, thoroughly and quickly by very pleasant people who actually seem like they want to help you unlike other companies...

Not so long ago I asked for a refund after having second thoughts. Without any questions or bother, Scan refunded the money into my account the very next morning. It was brilliant customer service and was just another thing that I was pleasantly surprised about with Scan.

All in all I rate Scan as one of my all-time favourite companies for selection, prices and most definately customer service. I will make sure I continue to use them for anything I possibly can and if you're a person who's never used Scan before and are reading this to get an idea... I can tell you that you will not be dissapointed. Scan do everything right and are a prime example on how every company should strife to be!
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
19/08/2011 " I've been building a new computer (as you might have guessed from what I bought), and have been delighted with the service I have had from Scan. Your web-site was always accurate in telling me what stock was available, and the goods were always substantially and safely packed. Your prices were also usually competitive. Deliveries were always immediate - DPD is a particularly good and careful courier-firm, and I particularly like the fact that they tell me when to the hour (and on at least one occasion to within ten seconds! - I timed him) the delivery will take place. That means I can use the rest of the day, and am not trapped in the house all day waiting...

It is good to be able to deal with a company that I feel I can trust.

Thank you. I hope and plan to go on dealing with you.

Paul Bibire.

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To: [email protected]
Subject: [SPAM] Query 0956530 - {11F02ABD-BDA6-4B25-87C9-6D801821DE86}

Mr Paul Bibire,

Thank you for your recent order with Scan.

This is a courtesy email to confirm you have received your delivery in good
condition and everything is in excellent working order. We look to provide a
prompt and proactive after sales service and our aim is to create a more
streamlined and efficient system for our customers. Should you have any
queries or problems please reply to this email and your query will be
actioned with the highest priority. Of course, if you’re happy with our
service we’d love to hear back from you too : )

Once again, thank you for your custom.

Scan Computers

The set of characters in the subject uniquely identifies your query. When
replying to this email please ensure that these characters remain unaltered.

This message is entirely the creation of its author in his or her personal
capacity and any views expressed in this message are the views of that
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18/08/2011 " Excellent price and service again from Scan,the delivery e-mails right up to giving you a one hour slot are much appreciated, no more staying in all day waiting. Thanks again. " More Info
11/08/2011 " ------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
I would just like to thank scan and your customer service team for being so helpfull really, i wish i could have given names of who i spoke to but i get the impression i would have been treated the same no matter who i spoke to, i have used scan only once before and was very impressed with the speed and the amount of information i recieved on my order, but i have recently ordered the parts to build a whole system, it is the first time i have done this and i was very paniky over parts going out of stock and delivery dates etc. and through the day made a number of phonecalls and everytime i spoke to someone different and they were all very helpfull and understanding. My order is due for delivery in about an hour and i would just like to say that i will deffinately be using scan for the forseable future, i stuggle to find anywhere with the prices as low you charge and none with such a great website and brillient customer service AND unbelievable delivery service. I am also confident that if i have any issues i would easily be able to sort them out with you. How and why you dont charge more i dont understand thank you very much for a great service.
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
I spoke to a number of people on the 10-08-2011 " More Info
11/08/2011 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
I would just like to thank scan and your customer service team for being so helpfull really, i wish i could have given names of who i spoke to but i get the impression i would have been treated the same no matter who i spoke to, i have used scan only once before and was very impressed with the speed and the amount of information i recieved on my order, but i have recently ordered the parts to build a whole system, it is the first time i have done this and i was very paniky over parts going out of stock and delivery dates etc. and through the day made a number of phonecalls and everytime i spoke to someone different and they were all very helpfull and understanding. My order is due for delivery in about an hour and i would just like to say that i will deffinately be using scan for the forseable future, i stuggle to find anywhere with the prices as low you charge and none with such a great website and brillient customer service AND unbelievable delivery service. I am also confident that if i have any issues i would easily be able to sort them out with you. How and why you dont charge more i dont understand thank you very much for a great service.
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
I spoke to a number of people on the 10-08-2011 " More Info
30/07/2011 " Thank you for such a premium quality service. has been the most positive on-line shopping experience I have had to date. Unfortunately I did have to return one item due its failure to operate 4 days after I had received it, but this was no fault of Scan's. I was pleased to have had no issue with acquiring an RMA code and stunned at Scan paying to collect the faulty item from my address. And surprised further still to have received a full refund despite your engineers finding no fault with the device that had caused me so many problems. Which ultimately lead to my second order for a replacement unit of twice the price being placed with yourselves. And further more, the level of communication one receives after placing an order is astounding. No other on-line retailer in my experience provides such a high quality service. I'm sure that you will be pleased to know that I now make my only destination for the purchase of computer components. And that I will (and indeed already have) highly recommend to anyone I meet. Well perhaps only interested parties, it would be very strange to stop someone in the street to recommend yourselves or interrupt a public argument between to people...very strange indeed. Thank you all for such a positive experience. I look forward to annihilating many more paychecks with
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
27/07/2011 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
Thank you. very pleased with the service and quality of keeping me informed. highly recommended and will be purchasing from scan again
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
21/07/2011 " I called in wednesday afternoon, normally i would order over the internet, which ive always had a great service. but then came the visit,,my first impressions of the store was great,, clean, plenty on display to look at. as for the returns department, very helpful, well very helpful is an understatement, talk about going way over the call of duty, they helped me with the my initial problem, within minutes, no quibbling, just keen to help. Then they helped me source a major memory problem with my Pc. that was a bit of a nightmare. but the challenge was taken up and the solution was found,which i cant thank you enough, its been driving me daft for 6months as for the gentleman on the till, he had a great knowledge of all the products they stock and great customer service skill aswell. to sum things up, i had a great experience, i would have no problem recommending this company and any company should be judged on first impressions,product knowledge and how they handle things, when something goes wrong, and all of these they get 10 out of 10.. i had a great time and i will be visiting again,keep up the great work, thanks again, Sean " More Info
21/07/2011 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
It was great service. My order came incomplete (very quickly, though), so I had to contact Customer Service and Sales dept. Customer Service reacted very quickly and Sales dept confirmed everything was sorted out already as I had no answer in the meanwhile, probably due to temporary Internet connection issues.
Two days after receiving motherboard, I got missing cooler.
Thank you for your patience and proffessional attidute. - don't replace those people, please, as they do great job for you !
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Lee Horan (sales)
Mr. David (customer services) " More Info
26/05/2011 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
I just wanted to say how smooth everything was with my order. I've been a scan customer for 5 years or so now, putting through orders about once a year, for fairly healthy-sized upgrades. I've always had solid customer service, and great tech support when the parts I ordered didn't quite work out.
But this latest order - well, you guys have raised your game. I got daily updates on my 3XS overclocked build, and once the order shipped, an email to confirm the date and another email to confirm the delivery window, to within an hour.
That is *so* helpful. It's a cut above the service anyone else out there is giving.
Also, I should mention that when I was initial speccing out my system, Lee gave me loads of useful information and suggestions on what parts to buy. Again, I don't think anyone else out there is providing this level of tailored service, even amongst the reputable online retailers like dabs and ebuyer.

Not only is scan a leader on price, your service is cracking, too. Keep up the great work and I'll keep on buying it.

------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Lee Horn " More Info
25/05/2011 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
Thank you for everything you have done for me by sorting out my motherboard bundle, it is running like a dream thanks again.
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info